Boat Maintenance, Repairs & Restoration

Insurance Repairs

We do our best to take the stress out of what, for most people, is a difficult time.

We know how much you love your boat so we have a simple process in place to get your boat repaired and you back on the water as quickly as possible. We work with all insurance companies and we enjoy the process.

If you’ve had an accident, call us on 1300 880 334 and let us take care of everything for you.

Structural Repairs

Floors, stringers, transoms … you name it, we’ve seen it.

Can you feel a soft spot in your floor but you’re pretending it’s not there? Has your outboard mechanic been warning you that there is some movement in the transom? Best to have us look at it as soon as you notice something is wrong. It costs nothing for a quick inspection and it will certainly provide you with peace of mind knowing either way.

Remember, if something is wrong and it fails on the water, you won’t be able to get out and walk!

We can replace, modify and, in many cases, improve on the structure of your boat. We use only the best materials and proven techniques and we provide a warranty on all the structural works that we perform.

Anchor Winch Installations

Don’t be a winch sucker. Drop past with your boat and let us work out a solution that works and suits the design of your boat. Let us make sure that we are selling you parts that fit and are compatible with each other.

Fibreglass boat? Most fibreglass boats don’t have a mounting bulkhead strong enough to support the load of an anchor winch. A stainless backing plate can cover up the problem to some degree but it’s really just acting like a big washer. The real solution is to reinforce the bulkhead. In most cases, it’s a very inexpensive exercise, looks great and won’t let you down. Lifting the anchor up and down with the winch places a small amount of load on the bulkhead, however when your anchor gets stuck and you need to drive it off with the motor, the winch mounting bulkhead will be under enormous load.

We sell a range of winches from several suppliers. We also sell all the supporting equipment including deck rollers, hawse pipes, rope and chain kits, bow rollers, supports, bearings and power cables.

Come and see us for the best advice and a sure-fire solution that will work and last. We have a portfolio of installation pictures we can show you so you’ll know exactly what you’re getting before we even begin.


Did you know that most fibreglass boats are gelcoat and not 2 pac paint like a car? As a result, most car polishes and compounds will provide you with a nice ‘shine’ but will be short-lived and wash off very quickly.

Gelcoat polishing is very different. You are effectively resurfacing the gelcoat, removing the impurities and rough dull surface with a heavy cutting compound and then bringing back the shine with finer compounds. Once we’re done, we apply a coat of UV liquid wax to give your boat a lasting shine and UV resistance.

We use only the best Farecla Profile gelcoat products.

Keel Repairs

Let’s face it, it’s one of the most important parts of your boat and most people never look down and inspect it. No matter the size, we have the equipment to lift and store your boat off the trailer while we perform works to the keel and strakes.

We can lift mono hulls and catamarans and have a huge range of Brownell boat stands to support the boat while work is underway. Even a small chunk out of the keel can end up being a big problem, as the constant rolling on and off the trailer over the keel roller will make the problem worse. If it’s treated early enough, in most cases a couple of hours’ work can fix a problem. The same problem, ignored for too long, might take several days to fix.